3-D Bottles

Along with collecting bottles, I have an interest in old stereoviews. It was only a matter of time before the two merged. What you see on this page is the beginning of this merger. As time goes by, I hope to improve my abilities in this area. Just thought I would share the beginnings. If you like the results I will add more. All bottles pictured are from my personal collection.

It takes a bit of practice to be able to view these, but once you get used to it the process becomes quite easy. When looking at the pictures, try to relax your eyes and look past the sceen slightly. Much the same way you would when looking at the 3d computer generated pictures that are popular now. At the start it may help to place a hand upright between your eyes. This helps force each eye to look at a separate picture. The result is 3D. Not a new thing, stereoscopes have been around a long time. If at first you can't see a 3D picture, keep trying, you will learn the method eventually. I should mention that the 3D picture will appear as a third picture between the two that you first see. Enjoy, it's a fun way of looking at things. Dan


Roman ca 100-200 AD.
3 and 3/4" in height, 1 and 3/4" in dia.
Small indentations are around the body. Nice folded lip.


Onion ca mid 1700's
6 and 3/4" in height, 5 and 1/2" in dia.
Olive green with an applied string rim, open pontil


Rum ca mid 1800's
8" in height, 5 and 1/2" across widest part of body
Amber with applied handle and open pontil
Brass collar and brass ring stopper.
Mica insert in stopper reads "RUM"

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