Although this page is titled case gins, I will also incude gins that are shaped differently then the popular cases. Also included will be those case gins that are black glass and could easily be include in a black glass collection.

The classic case gin shape became popular with manufacturer's during the later 1700's early 1800's. The image to the left is a nice example of an early 1800's gin. The basic shape made this bottle well suited to shipping. And this shape, to the best of my knowledge, usually held gin. Case gins were usually unembossed, but a great many had the distillers name embossed on them and/or a seal applied. Seals would often have just the initials of the distillers stamped or a trade mark. Trade marks are quite varied and include such things as monograms and animals. Gins embossed with animals, people and other items on the sides can also be found. A nice example is a case gin with a key embossed.
As the 1800's progressed, the sides of the gins began to straighted. The early gins had a definate taper from top to bottom. The gin on the right has sides that show less taper then the earlier 1800's. Note that this gin has both the distillers name embossed and an applied seal. This straightening was due in large part to molds, as well as a general design change. The earlier gins were freeblown and the sides paddled to ftatten them out.
Many of the early flasks were black glass, but other colours can be found. A particularly nice example is clear glass with a blue seal. Other shapes besides the classic case can also be found, as well as gins in other medium, stoneware being the most common. The most popular area to collect in is the early gins, preferably embossed or sealed. Plain case are much cheaper, but have a beauty that makes them worth collecting.

Paddled-applied lip Dip Mold Paddled-flaired lip Gordon's Sealed AH-Moss Sealed AH-Olive The Philantrop Booth and Sedwicks Sealed PM Sealed ADE Sealed Initials AH with anchor Cosmopoliet Widemouth cobalt seal

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