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Antique Bottles

Hi, welcome to my page on antique bottles. This site is currently under construction and hopefully always will be. Why a page for bottles? Because it fills a need I have to explore early glass. Bottles collectors seem to embrace the hobby with a passion, a fact that becomes obvious when you talk to one. Many people look at my collection and find it cool or neat. A bottle collector has a different reaction, their eyes glaze over and they hold the bottle as though it was a living thing. Collectors know what I mean, so do their friends and spouses, who look at us with a smile of tolerance.

I also wanted a page that would give the beginning collector some general information on the age and catagories of bottles, and what to look for. Bottle books, good ones at least, are becoming hard to find. The classics are becoming very pricey. So hopefully this site will be a starting point for new collectors. And for those of us already heavy into the hobby, I hope to give you some info you didn't know, and you can supply me with info I don't know (and there is a lot I don't know!!) Perhaps specialty collectors, such as bitters, can contribute a page. In short I would like this site to be a learning experience for old and new alike. A chance to share a remarkable hobby with fellow collectors. Several people have allowed me to use their pics, just started posting them. Thanks is extended to them for sharing.

If you would like to submit pictures and/or info you can email me at: and I will post them.

The pages are slowly coming together, and the site is starting to become a team effort. With the help of those allowing picture use, I hope to make this site a bottle community effort. I will be adding a links page soon, so you can visit some of those people that have been kind enough to allow the use of their pics. It takes a bit of time, since I'm supposed to have a life outside of bottles. Please sign my guest book and enjoy your stay. Dan

Last update - March 18/99
Feature Bottle
Ken Lack sent me the following picture he took of a Pitkin type flask he has in his collection. Couldn't resist showing it here. More info will be found under flasks in a few days. Thanks Ken.

[Black Glass] [Figurals] [Flasks] [Case Gins]

LINKS: A variety of bottle related sites

LAKE APPLET: If you like the water effect visit this site


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