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4 log Drakes - Nice amber 4 log Drakes Plantation X Bitters with 95% of the front label and 90% of the rear label. Front label reads in part, "St. Drakes Plantation Bitters or Old Homestead Tonic. S-T-1860-X. Composed of pure St. Croix Rum, Calisya Bark, and other Roots and Herbs. A most effectual Tonic, beneficial Appetizer and wholesome Stimulant, imparting tone to the stomach and strength to the system. Unequaled for Family, Hotel, and Medicinal use." Nothing quite like rum and herbs to cure what ails you I guess. "St. Drakes Plantation X Bitters 1860" is embossed along two sides of the roof.
Photo and info courtesy of Stormcrowe. Much Thanks.